【DaAi Headlines】20200229

【DaAi Headlines】20200229

Tzu Chi volunteers in England assess damages in disaster areas in the aftermath of floods.
A Tzu Chi volunteer overcomes her illness to care for care recipients wholeheartedly.

1. 英國水患勘災
Welcome to Da Ai Headlines. I’m Siri Su. Thank you for joining us. Storm Dennis has devastated United Kingdom, causing floods in many places. A Tzu Chi volunteer couple went to two disaster areas to document the scenes as well as assessing damages. They will plan to provide the necessary help to the affected residents. Let’s take a look.

2. 印牙科義診
The Indonesian dentist association joined hands with TIMA for a free dental clinic to celebrate its 70th anniversary. They treated the students from an elementary school in Bogor. Many children are afraid of seeing the dentists, so the organizer asked the parents or the teachers to accompany the children.

3. 廈門醫護送餐
As people fight the coronavirus epidemic, the medical staff in hospitals have been stressed out. Fujian Tzu Chi volunteers have asked some vegetarian restaurant chefs to start working early and cook for medical staff at 13 hospitals. For seven days, Tzu Chi volunteers provided these lunches for the medical staff. One nurse cried while receiving the food, saying that she is not just eating food, but feeling people’s love and care.

4. 北慈志工林賜甲
To reduce the chance of a coronavirus transmission, hospitals have implemented various control measures. After Tzu Chi volunteer Lin Cijia retired from Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, he continues to guard the hospital as a volunteer. Everyday, he would stand at the hospital entrance for four hours to assist people in preparing for epidemic prevention.

Collective goodness is great goodness. Only with the strength of great goodness can there be peace and prosperity.

5. 行動現場
Tzu Chi volunteer Ceng Meihui says that seeing the progress of care recipients makes her so happy that she is even smiling when she sleeps. Ceng , who is battling cancer, has dedicated herself to helping care recipients. In fact, she even went bald because of chemotherapy treatments, but she has never stopped caring for others.

6. 芭樂降血糖
Fruits have high nutritional value. In particular, guava is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C. Some people believe that eating guava can reduce blood sugar levels. Is this true? Let’s find out in our next report.

7. 食道蠕動門診
According to statistics, 60-70 percent of people in Taiwan take stomach medicine for a long time to suppress discomfort. Doctors remind patients with gastro reflux disease, that their discomfort may not be caused by gastric acid. For this reason, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital launched a special clinic to help patients find the cause of their problem. Here is more.

8. 匠心職人魂(2)誰來管風琴
The pipe organ is known as the aristocrat of musical instruments. There are currently more than 40 pipe organs in Taiwan. About half of them are maintained by Zhang Chaoren who has more than 40 years of experience. Each pipe organ is handmade, and some are built to fit church buildings. Therefore, both building and tuning the pipe organs is a big challenge. Let’s meet the man who takes up this challenge.

END: 賴索托祈福
Tzu Chi volunteers in Lesotho have held a blessing ceremony. During the ceremony, Tzu Chi volunteers passed on uniforms to volunteers in training. We will leave you with these images. Thank you for joining us. Goodbye.