🚰 How Much Water Should You Really Drink? – by Dr Sam Robbins

🚰 How Much Water Should You Really Drink? – by Dr Sam Robbins

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🚰 How Much Water Should You Really Drink?
I got a question the other day from Tim asking “how much water do I need daily? One “expert” says 8-10 glasses and another expert says “drink only when thirsty” – what should I do?”

So this is a very important topic because for you to survive and live, you NEED 3 things, in this order of importance:
Air (oxygen) – without it you die in minutes.
Water (hydration) – without it you’d die in a few days.
Food (calories) – without it you’d die in about a week or so.

So the fact is you don’t “need” much water to SURVIVE.

In fact, I know plenty of people who NEVER have a glass of water and haven’t had any in years and years.

They may have coffee, tea, soda, juice, “energy drinks”, alcohol and so forth – but NEVER a drop of water.

It tastes “disgusting” to them!!?

However, some of these “non water drinking” people I know, also happen to be very close to me — friends and family. And over the years, the following has happened.

One deals with kidney stones.
One has colon cancer.
One has acid reflux.
One has painful cramps, especially at night and during sleep.
One is constantly tired and fatigued and has adrenal problems.
One has polycystic kidney disease.
One is obese.
One is diabetic.
One has uric acid disease.
One has headaches and migraines, often.
One is always constipated and needs to take laxatives daily.
One has high blood pressure.

NOT drinking any water MAY cause health problems… if not already, probably EVENTUALLY one day.

Just remember though, your goal in life is not to “get by” or “survive”. You should be THRIVING.

Is “Thirst” A Good Signal?

Some people/experts will say “thirst is a good signal”. Maybe… but, probably not.

Thirst is usually an indicator that you are or will soon become dehydrated.

Some will argue with a silly “study” saying otherwise or that there isn’t “conclusive evidence”, but I disagree.

Also, when someone actually feels thirsty, they rarely go get a cup of water. They’ll usually drink some other type of liquid or beverage.

And IF they do get some water, they typically drink just a little bit, a couple of “gulps” or “sips” … just enough to wet their mouth, but NOT to hydrate their body.

Clean water is an essential nutrient and you can’t be replaced with something “like” it.

Clean Water Is Magical
Water is magical and has so many health benefits.

Whatever health ailment you have, drinking more water will help reduce the problem and could potentially just fix it.

The simply fact that it
improves your blood volume and viscosity,
flushes out toxins and keeps your organs healthier
Boosts your energy levels and immune system

Is reason enough to increase your water intake.

Let alone improved skin, weight loss, better muscle contractions, improvement in hormone production, less joint pain, reduction of stress hormones and so on and so forth.

Drinking more water is guaranteed to help you look and feel younger and allow you to THRIVE every day, rather than “get by” and survive.

So How Much Should You Drink?

So this sounds great, but how much water should you drink?

Before I answer this – I want to make it clear that you do NOT want to drink tap water because it’s high toxins such as fluoride and chlorine. You want to drink purified water.

In regards to how much water you should drink — Well, there are lots of factors… do you exercise, are in a warm climate, do you sweat, are you taking prescription drugs, what other beverages are you drinking and so forth.

Thus, some people will need more water than others.

But I typically say to people about half your bodyweight in ounces, especially if you are active.

So, if you weigh 150 lbs, you have 75 oz. There’s 8 oz to a cup and that comes out to 9 cups daily.

Of course, when I say this to people, they freak out and say:

“There’s no way I can drink that much.”
“If I have that much water, I’ll just be in the bathroom all day, peeing it out.”
“Won’t that just wash away all of my minerals?”

First, the main goal is to just drink more water than you are today. If you’re only drinking 1 cup, try to get 2 cups daily. That’s a good start.

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