100 Idioms and Their Meanings with Sentences – Huge Idiom List!

100 Idioms and Their Meanings with Sentences – Huge Idiom List!

In this huge idiom list, I bring you 100 idioms and their meanings with sentences complete with additional explanations as needed. Idioms Online is here to help you learn English and American idioms!

Important and common idioms: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx7cbhF3PTnzNMInWovqtHXA23v7IaEzw
25 Body Part idioms: https://youtu.be/CIWsryZj9p4

Idioms covered in this video
00:54 Nothing to write home about https://youtu.be/7s6dKPByDw0
01:12 That’s about the size of it https://youtu.be/VOX9gQx5SDY
01:43 Not about to
01:56 Up and about
02:16 An act of God https://www.idioms.online/act-of-god/
02:46 Clean up your act https://www.idioms.online/act-of-god/
03:01 Get your act together https://www.idioms.online/get-your-act-together/
03:19 Clear the air https://www.idioms.online/clear-the-air/
03:41 Out of thin air https://www.idioms.online/out-of-thin-air/
04:01 Put on airs https://youtu.be/5UqiA6CJAU0
04:24 Beat around the bush https://youtu.be/idePXHZmMOs
04:53 Every time one turns around https://www.idioms.online/very-time-one-turns-around/
05:08 Horse around or Horsing around https://www.idioms.online/horse-around/
05:43 Nose around
06:18 Back on your feet
06:39 Back the wrong horse (or bet on the wrong horse)
07:02 Back to square one
07:26 Back to the drawing board
07:56 Bear fruit
08:10 Bear out
08:26 Bed of roses
08:45 Get up on the wrong side of the bed
09:06 Make up the bed
09:20 Behind bars
09:41 Behind the times
10:00 Behind someone’s back (to do something)
10:18 Between a rock and a hard place
10:37 (Just) Between you and me
10:52 Read between the lines
11:17 Big deal
11:52 Big on something
12:04 Have a big mouth (or be a big mouth)
12:36 Bite the big one
12:49 Bite off more than you can chew
13:10 Bite someone’s head off
13:27 Bite the bullet
13:53 Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
14:15 Give someone a blank check
14:38 Draw a blank
15:06 Fire blanks
15:35 Have blood on your (or one’s) hands
15:51 Have something in your blood
16:03 Draw blood
16:36 By the book
16:51 A closed book
17:14 An open book
17:41 Burn the midnight oil
18:21 Have money to burn
18:57 Call it a day
19:14 Call someone’s bluff
19:39 I couldn’t care less
20:07 Who cares?
20:24 Chip off the old block
20:52 Chip on your shoulder
21:35 Clean as a whistle
22:16 Clean bill of health
23:09 Cold comfort
23:23 Make one’s blood run cold
23:58 Cut and dried
24:16 Cut corners
24:49 Dark horse
25:17 In the dark
25:55 Dead and buried
26:24 Dead easy
26:40 Dead meat
27:06 Dead wrong
27:18 A dime a dozen
27:49 Drop a dime (one someone)
28:24 Dog eat dog
28:55 In the doghouse
29:28 All ears
29:59 Play it by ear
30:26 At the end of the day
31:01 Go off the deep
31:21 Never hear the end of it
31:48 Give your eye teeth
32:26 Not bat an eye
33:19 Take something at face value
33:44 Face it
34:10 Face the music
34:34 Fall flat
35:06 Fall off the wagon/ on the wagon
36:02 Dead on your feet
36:25 Have itchy feet
36:57 Two left feet
37:23 Don’t get me started
38:07 Get a word in edgewise
38:30 Get wind of something
38:54 Don’t give up your day job
39:30 Give me a break
39:59 Go out on a limb
40:16 From the word go/ from the get-go
40:34 Rarin’ to go
41:01 Hands are tied
41:58 Have someone in the palm of one’s hand
42:45 Come in handy
43:14 Bite someone’s head off
43:33 Come to a head
44:17 Cross my heart
44:57 To your heart’s content

Bite someone’s head off is included twice but there are still over 100 idioms in this video!


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English idioms are types of English sayings, expressions, or phrases. However, an idiom is different from other sayings or expressions. It is a phrase that behaves more like a word. The meaning of an idiom is not always easy to tell based on the words used. They are groups of words that mean something different than they appear to mean. These videos from Idioms.Online will help you understand the meanings of English and American idioms, learn how to use them with examples in sentences, and, when possible, will even explain the origin of these enigmatic expressions.