11 Ways To Cure Your Upset Stomach

11 Ways To Cure Your Upset Stomach

How often do you eat ginger? Can it be as simple as drinking a glass of water? Wait, what exactly is the “BRAT” diet? We’re talking all of that AND more.

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1. Cut the Cigarettes – 00:55
2. Cut the Booze – 01:39
3. Drink More Water – 02:26
4. Maybe Try Cinnamon? – 03:04
5. Apply a Heating Pad – 04:03
6. Warm Baths – 05:15
7. Get a Little Basil In Your Life – 05:57
8. Licorice – 06:48
9. Have a Banana – 07:29
10. Vinegar – 08:22
11. The BRAT Diet – 09:40


Cut the Cigarettes
To put it simply, don’t smoke. Cigarettes bring a whole treasure chest of health problems. But if you’d like to save yourself an annoying stomach ache, you may want to have a second look at that smoke pack in your pocket.

Cut the Booze
I know, it’s a bit of a drag to hear that some of your favourite things can be the cause of your stomach pain. Drinking alcohol has the ability to irritate your digestive system and damage the lining of your stomach.

Drink More Water
When it comes to easing your stomach pains, this is among the most basic pointers. The lack of water in your system can slow down the digestive process. It is suggested that you drink around 1 and a half to 2 litres of water in a single day. This way, you can easily avoid water retention, which is what happens when your body holds on to as much water as possible. This is to avoid dehydration.

Maybe Try Cinnamon?
This is one you may not have been expecting to pop up. Well, like all great Besties, we’re full of surprises. Cinnamon is a spice that carries an important antioxidant known as polyphenol. This micronutrient assists people when they are having digestive issues.

Apply a Heating Pad
When you’re in pain, there is sometimes no better feeling than to sit back and relax with a reliable heating source. A heated object placed against your body helps relax the muscles and distract your brain from the pain. This is very similar to how pain killing medications work.

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