5 Best Foods for Mouth Ulcer

5 Best Foods for Mouth Ulcer

A mouth ulcer can also be referred to as a canker sore. It can happen when we accidentally bite within our mouth or when we are under stress. Mouth ulcers are recognized to be tiny ulcers which are present in the lining from the mouth. This problem is combined with symptoms of pain and increased sensitivity. Although mouth ulcers can impact any individual. Here are 5 best foods to cure Mouth Ulcer.

1. Yogurt
It helps in soothing the mouth in addition to combatting bacteria responsible for this mouth ulcer problem.

2. Carrots
Beneficial for treating mouth ulcers because they contain beta-carotene, which helps to promote the healing of mouth ulcers.

3. Apple
Antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties of apple helps in restraining the infections of mouth.

4. Banana
Best anti gastric agent and helps in prevention of ulcers formation with the protective agents of it forming layer on internal mucosa of mouth.

5. Papaya
The vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content of papaya help in restraining the reoccurrence of mouth ulcers.

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