Are Stomach related problems during Pregnancy Considered Normal? #AsktheDoctor

Are Stomach related problems during Pregnancy Considered Normal? #AsktheDoctor

Dr. Harshada Dinesh Patil – MBBS, DGO – Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Gastric issues are common during pregnancy some of them are:
Pregnancy Constipation
Your hormones, as well as vitamins and iron supplements, taken during pregnancy may cause constipation Additionally the pressure on the rectum from your uterus may also cause constipation.

Add more fiber rich food to your diet.
Drink plenty of fluids including at least 5 glasses of water daily
Drink warm liquids, especially in the morning.
Exercise daily.
Avoid straining when you have a bowel movement.

Indigestion during pregnancy
During pregnancy, changing hormone levels can affect your digestive system. Also your uterus can take up some extra space and cause the stomach to push the acids upward, and cause heartburn.

Eat several small meals each day instead of the traditional breakfast lunch & dinner
Eat slowly.
Avoid fried & spicy food
Don’t lie down right after eating.
Use pillows under your shoulders. This keeps stomach acids from rising to the throat.
Eat simple healthy meals.
For any immediate attention towards stomach issues caused during pregnancy, talk to a gynecologist online.



Gastric issues are normal in pregnancy


Gastric reflux


Drink lots of water
High fibre diet
Regular exercise
Frequent light meals

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