Does pre-existing acid reflux affect the ReShape Balloon?

Does pre-existing acid reflux affect the ReShape Balloon?

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Woman: I have a couple of questions.

Dr. Marvin: Sure.

Woman 1: You touched a little bit on the gastric…if you have acid reflux or whatever, or that it may give you acid reflux. What if you already feel like you have acid reflux? Would it make it worse?

Dr. Marvin: Do you take something for it every day?

Woman 1: No, not every day.

Dr. Marvin: So you’re going to be on the acid blocker every day while the balloon’s in, so that’s one thing that can help with that. I don’t know to what degree the acid reflux, if it gets worse, how much, but in the information from the FDA study, that was not a significant or a common problem with the patients afterwards. So I would say it’s a very small number we’re talking about, probably.

Woman 1: Okay. And then, I wanted to know if, say you ate something bad and you got a stomach virus…

Dr. Marvin: You have to throw up. Can you throw up? Is that the question?

Woman 1: No. Well, no, not that.

Dr. Marvin: That’s usually what people ask.

Woman 1: But I was thinking about, you know, when you’re sick, if you have the…whichever way it comes out. If it comes out in diarrhea or you’re throwing up, your stomach is constantly contracting. When that’s happening, is that gonna mess with the balloons?

Dr. Marvin: Well, I don’t think that’s an increased risk for rupture of the balloons or malpositioning of the balloons, so the answer to that is no. Don’t forget, the stomach’s only a small portion of your entire GI tract. The vast majority is small bowel, and then colon’s much more than the stomach, so the stomach’s just a short segment. The reason the balloon goes in the stomach and not somewhere else is because it’s on the intake side, and they’ll stay there. So it’s sort of a little chamber between two skinnier pipes where you can leave the balloons and they’ll stay, so I don’t think that being sick would do something to the balloons.


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