Double Stuffed: 2 Much Food + Beer leads to burping, belly rubbing, moaning, and a bellyache

Double Stuffed: 2 Much Food + Beer leads to burping, belly rubbing, moaning, and a bellyache

(Right from the start I can tell I’m burping more in this one than in previous stuffing videos. Beer really does a number on me. ;P)

You may know by now that my partner is an amazing cook. He’s always putting together incredible, perfectly-seasoned, and LARGE-proportioned meals. Today I’m eating a heaping helping of his ham-and-potato soup with bolillos (also known as pan francés, essentially a Mexican mini baguette) and cinnamon applesauce, washed down with a nice blonde ale. Double Stuffed, so called because I have 2 bowls of soup, 2 bolillos, 2 packets of cinnamon applesauce (4 oz each), and 2×2 bottles of ale. (The fourth is in the dessert half, coming soon!)

Beer belches are a hell of a thing. They come out more gurgly, bubbly, and insistent than other burps. As soon as I take the bottle away from my mouth they bubble out, unstoppable. You can hear the liquid in them. And of course, they taste and smell like beer. In fact, my burps taste like beer for hours after indulging like this. Sometimes they do get stuck, though. I have to jostle my belly to get them to come out.

Probably the most satisfying are the burps that come from the combination of rich food and plenty of beer. They rise from my belly on their own, huge bubbles of gas that feel so good coming out that I’ll often follow one with a moan of relief. The more of these gassy relief burps I get, the more successful I consider the meal.

After finishing only one bowl&roll combination, I’m already starting to feel a bit full. I have to push out a lot of burps to make room for the second round of stuffing. Some of them are a little uncomfortable–I start to doubt myself. Can I really finish what amounts to two full, square meals all by myself? Even though I start feeling a little queasy, I press on. I’m in this to challenge myself.

I reward myself for finishing the meal by having another beer. I’m trying to work up the guts to have dessert. With two bowls of hearty ham-and-potato soup, two big dense rolls, two servings of cinnamon applesauce and now three beers in my belly, to say I’m full would be a massive understatement. I desperately rub my bloated gut, trying to work out some belches so I don’t feel so perilously stuffed, but it’s a struggle. Finally I get the one that feels like a turning point. The pressure has abated–for now.

Stay tuned for Part 2, Double Stuffing Dessert!

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