Episode #3- TAMING THE BEAST – “Babies, Depression & Opioids” – Postpartum Oxycodone Gall Stones

Episode #3- TAMING THE BEAST – “Babies, Depression & Opioids” – Postpartum Oxycodone Gall Stones

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Welcome to Episode #3 of TAMING THE BEAST: The Real Slim Katie Story. I’ve entitled this episode “Babies, Depression & Opioids”. In this episode I look back upon the years of my first and second child being born and the difficulties I faced being a stay at home mom struggling with Postpartum Depression, Eating Disorders and impulse control patterns that effected my relationship and finances. Things come to a head in this episode when I’m forced to quit pursuing my career in Nursing and my Gall Bladder disease leads me to my first encounter with Opioids…..

This vlog is over 20 years in the making. It’s dedicated to those of you who are suffering with mental health struggles, chronic physical ailments, and/or addiction issues. I have learned (often the hard way) what does and does NOT work to change your habits and headspace for the better. I’ve been steeped in addiction, mired with mental health issues, and a prisoner in my own body; which at one point was so big, walking and daily chores had become exceedingly difficult.

What haven’t I been diagnosed with? – Major Depression – Anxiety – OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Bipolar II Disorder – Borderline Personality Disorder – Postpartum Depression – Morbid Obesity – Chronic Pain – Degenerative Joint Disease – Lumbar Disc Disease – Fibromyalgia – Recurring Acute Pancreatitis – Gall Bladder Stones – GERD Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease – Severe Opioid Addiction – Severe Alcoholism – Marijuana Addiction – Cigarette Addiction – Psychotropic Addiction – Sex Addiction – Compulsive Sexual Behaviors.

You wouldn’t be able to imagine how many hours I’ve spent at the doctor’s office, hospitalized, in therapy, in treatment, in self-help groups, in court, or in a jail cell. I hit rock bottom with my DUI conviction. However, it took me many months after the DUI to begin trying to put my life back together.

After years and years of self abuse, self loathing, running from my problems, and blaming others for my condition, I finally painted myself into a corner…I had to face the truth…I could no longer avoid taking responsibility for my emotions, my physical well-being and financial stability. Nothing I was ever prescribed actually taught me how to live in a healthy and productive manner. I took the surgeries suggested and swallowed the medicines given. Still obese, still depressed, still addicted, still lonely and still broke!

After my DUI I vowed to chip away at the root causes of my problems. I vowed to rekindle my love of movement and sport, reconnect with my relationship to natural foods and face down the demons of worry, fear and resentment that blocked me from maintaining enduring relationships and stable emotions.

The Real Slim Katie Vlog is my best attempt at keeping myself accountable and being of service to those who face the same struggles I’ve faced. Join me as I explore my past and craft a brighter future.