Fortizel – Helps You Stay Healthy !!

Fortizel  –  Helps You Stay Healthy !!

What is Fortizel®?
Fortizel® contains Augmentsodine® Colostrum Extract. Colostrum is the trusted collection of amazing nutrients that provide newborn babies immune strength. The same is applicable for adults. Colostrum, in fact, is a very incredible substance that is enormously valuable to all mammals.
Fortizel® is the first and only international product that contains Augmentsodine®, a Colostrum Extract, 10 to 20 times stronger than typically available bovine Colostrum. Bovine Colostrum is used by most manufacturers that produce Colostrum for human consumption.
The Effects of Fortizel®
The benefits of Fortizel® are numerous, but here we present the most significant ones:
• Healthy Intestines
Fortizel® has a very positive effect on the intestines. Some of the immune factors in Fortizel® embed themselves in the intestinal mucosa of humans. They then easily and purposefully attack various pathogenic germs. Nearly 80% of the immune system is located within the intestine, making it a key organ in our immune heath.
The immune factors of Fortizel® penetrate the intestinal mucosa and then repair the prevailing chaos generally found there.
• The Immune System
Colostrum Extract works as a trainer of the immune system. This is its greatest and most important function.
Most illnesses, from infections to degenerative disorders, cardiovascular malfunctions and even cancer, are connected with inflammation. These conditions are associated with a obvious compromised immune defense. The proline-rich polypeptides in Fortizel® stimulate the self-healing functions. Fortizel®, without a doubt, brings the immune system into balance.

• Healthy Respiratory Ducts Protect Against Influenza
There has been a constant discussion about the effectiveness of influenza vaccinations. Fortizel® is proven to have protective and defensive functions against influenza infections. Fortizel’s non-specific inhibitors prevent a host of respiratory system diseases, especially those caused by influenza viruses.
• Sports
Fortizel® is rich in immune, growth and antimicrobial factors. In sports medicine, Fortizel® optimizes the achievement potential naturally. It helps maintain endurance performance and enhances the muscle formation and regeneration.
Due to these factors, athletes observe better endurance, more powerful performance and shorter recovery phases after injury or stress. Athletes taking Fortizel® have decreased muscular problems and reduced susceptibility to infections. They have also reported an improved level of concentration and fewer injuries after taking Fortizel®.
Fortizel® will bring an athlete’s performance ability to his or her maximum potential.