Get the Best Butt of Your Life With These 5 Simple Moves From Peaches Pilates Founder Tori Clapham

Since March, I’ve fallen in love with Pilates. The fact that I can do it at home with minimal equipment if any, and do short, 15-20 minute sequences and still feel and see results makes it the perfect workout.

I also love that Pilates allows for targeted workouts, abs, arms, booty, thighs, name the area you want to target and pilates has a set of moves that will tone, tighten and sculpt it. This booty burner comes courtesy of Peaches Pilates Owner and Founder, Tori Clapham, and is going to become your favourite workout.

“These are five of my go-to moves to target the toosh and build a stronger booty. For those not yet back to the gyms or studios, you can do them all from your home without any equipment,” says Tori.

Grab a mat and let’s get started.