How To Stop Uncontrollable Cough Unknown Coughing Ongoing Acid Reflux Gluten Lactose Intolerance

How To Stop Uncontrollable Cough Unknown Coughing Ongoing Acid Reflux Gluten Lactose Intolerance

This Unknown + Uncontrollable + Uncontrollably Cough is ” associated ” with Gluten or Lactose Intolerance after Sleep or Nap. Sometimes it’s an Uncontrollably Cough or even Unknown Cough or even Ongoing Coughing or Non-Stop and you don’t even know it or why or even know how to pin point it.

This took me a while to find out the causes and got to the bottom of it, glad I did. It was really hard to figure this one out and mystified me for months, until I put 2 + 2 together. Also, the temperature was also the big contribution to it and that’s why it was so hard. Because of my Gluten or Lactose Intolerance after Sleeping or Napping, I was able to figure this one out.

I hope that this video will help someone out there, that way you know the causes. Not knowing was the hardest part and it can be very frustrating trying to figure it out why. I mean suddenly, waking up from a nap and coughing like crazy and do not know why or what causes it. Maybe it can open some people’s eyes out there to learn something new and can be avoidable.

NOTE: If your symptoms are not what I described in the video, it may be ” Other ” health related issues. It’s best to talk to your health provider about it to get further more information or treatments.


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