If You Are Constipated Use Baking Soda

If You Are Constipated Use Baking Soda

How baking soda can help constipation. Far from being just a simple ingredient for leavening baked goods, baking soda has a million and one other uses ranging from whitening your teeth to preventing heartburn.

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Constipation is a medical problem in which you struggle to pass stool on a regular basis. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re making a number two less than three times every week on average, chances are you may be constipated.Other possible symptoms of constipation include acute abdominal pain as well as painful or irregular bowel movements.

There are a number of potential factors that can lead to this particular type of toilet trouble. Some of the contributing factors that can lead to chronic constipation include eating a low fiber diet, not drinking enough water, and not exercising enough. Another problem which can complicate into constipation is if you’re not listening to your body and using the bathroom whenever you feel the urge.

Baking soda is able to neutralize acid, including stomach acid. This means that consuming baking soda can help remedy your heartburn (also known as acid reflux) as well as indigestion. Because of its antacid properties, some people speculate that baking soda might be able to cure constipation as well. There is also some belief that baking soda can help your digestive system by pulling water into your digestive tract and assisting with muscle contractions. However, consuming too much baking soda can have some unwanted side effects, including vomiting, diarrhea, weak or spasming muscles, frequent urination, or convulsions. Consuming too much baking soda can also lead to constipation, which sounds a little bit counterintuitive if you ask us.

In addition to consuming baking soda, constipated individuals have also tried to relieve their symptoms by soaking in a bath of water mixed with baking soda as well. As we said before though, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that this or any other baking soda treatment actually helps with constipation, so make of this speculation what you will.
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