Intractable Hiccups Breathing and Choking Spasms

Intractable Hiccups Breathing and Choking Spasms

EPISODE: October 8, 2019
BEGAN: December 9, 2015
POSTED: October 8, 2019

Umbrella Diagnosis: Persistent Intractable Hiccups, Breathing and Choking Spasms, and an Erratic Sphincter Stomach Muscle Control. The cause or cure has yet to be determined or diagnosed. So I continue Chasing The Cure.

▪Hiccups are every 1-3 seconds, 20-60 hiccups per minute, 1,200-3,600 per hour. A constant aggressive internal WAR. The pounding of your entire throat, chest and stomach area. These can go on for hours to days without breaks 4 to 7 days each week, even during sleep. These are extremely exhausting and spirit challenging.
▪Breathing spams are designed to start hiccup episodes. These occur roughly every 10 to 20 minutes 24/7.
▪Choking spasms are the most frightening and extremely erratic. These can happen even when I’m not in a hiccup episode. This is where the esophageal lining of the muscle restricts closing the airway sealing it shut for an unknown period of time. Choking lasts 5-30 seconds generally, but sometimes even longer, where you are literally suffocating. I can squeeze some air in making a horrendous sound but cannot release any oxygen out during this spasm. The choking spasms constantly present itself differently so each one is a unique challenge to make it break so I can breathe again. My fear each time is that I won’t come out of it suffocating to death. The worst is having these in public areas, while driving or being woken from sleep.
▪Stomach sphincter muscle disorder. An extremely erratic torturous condition that’ll leave my sphincter open causing acid reflux and regurgitation. Often it’ll shoot regurgitating foods up my esophagus causing suffocation until the regurgitated food either returns to the stomach or gets thrown up.

Persistent Intractable Hiccups are a fairly unknown condition making any corrections virtually impossible. The last words coming from my current Thoracic surgeon were “you are a challenge!”  Not the words you wish a professional doctor to express. Every physician who’s taken this on quickly abandons and bails further treatments. Phone calls and certified letters never returned you quicky realize just how alone in this process you truly are, and its that loneliness that takes a huge toll in ones spirit and fight. I’m struggling to find hope only experiencing disappointments. This also sets a series of alternate conditions like sleep deprivation, appetite reduction, extreme anxiety, depression and exhaustion to name a few from a rather aggressive list that’s a constant battle. My condition is not only a disability, it is pure torture that requires 24/7 attention.