My chronic heartburn story | Surviving the Pumpkin Spiced Season

My chronic heartburn story | Surviving the Pumpkin Spiced Season

Pumpkins spiced season is in full bloom. Coffees, teas, soups, and pies are currently all pumpkin-spiced, and I want to be able to be part of the action. With chronic heartburn (G.E.R.D.) it can be challenging to engage in food pop culture. So, I decided to venture out and seek out some things that could work well, provide a substitution for mainstream P.S.L. items, and allow me to enjoy pumpkin flavors.
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Here are some of my outtakes:
Finding myself decaf teas, minding my caffeine intake to avoid cramping and soreness, investigate my sensitivities, ensure my esophageal safety.

Things I talked in the video:
Interesting Tea. finds:

1. Pure Rooibos Red Tea – Naturally caffeine free herbal tea (brand: Twinings)
2. Golden Pumpkin, Seasonal Spice Herb Tea, naturally caffeine-free blend of Rooibos, turmeric, and Pumpkin Pie Spices (brand: The Republic of Tea)
3. Darjeeling 100% pure black tea. Medium potency, caffeine-wise (brand: Twinings). I usually try to steep the tea for a minimum amount of time to avoid too much caffeine, then I add milk 0-1%, as milk can tone down the bitterness
4. Manuka Honey M.G.O. 265+ (got a deal at a discount store, currently buying what’s available at a local grocery store). I like this honey for its alleged healing properties. I use it from time to time in my teas, on my sandwiches, etc.

LPR & GERD friendly recipe I found:

“The easy acid reflux cookbook” by Karen Frazier. I used the Pumpkin Soup recipe (p.68) that worked well for me; plus I made some modifications that fitted my taste and creativity while minding my condition.

Let me know your favorite P.S. season’s recipes that work well with heartburn.