Street Food || Lemon Juice Of Happy Boss | Fruit

Street Food || Lemon Juice Of Happy Boss | Fruit

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Lemon juice is a beverage made from lemon juice (juice or squeezed from lemon), diluted with water and can be added with sugar, ice, mint leaves, etc.
Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin C so it is a very good medicine to prevent and treat cold-related illnesses. Lemon water also contains quite a lot of potassium, which stimulates the brain and other nerve functions. In addition, potassium helps to control blood pressure [1]

Fresh lemon juice (lemon juice) contains many nutritious elements such as protein, fiber, glucid, calcium, and potassium. It helps to reduce pain at the sting sites of insects, dissolves and eliminates fat, aids digestion, helps whiten teeth. [2]
Drinking lemon water has many health benefits. Drinking lemon juice every morning not only helps you lose weight, support digestion, boost immunity but also help beautify the skin, improve the condition of bad breath. Drinking lemon water daily reduces the overall acidity level of the body.

Lemon juice helps purify the healthy intestinal tract, flushing out the body’s unnecessary waste because it is an essential acid for the digestive system. From there they significantly reduce heartburn and constipation. Drinking lemon water, will urinate more because it is considered a diuretic in the body, helps cleanse the digestive system. Accordingly, the rate of elimination of toxins is also faster, helping to keep the urinary tract healthy. [1]

According to experts, drinking hot lemon juice can help boost digestion, prevent nausea, heartburn and eliminate harmful bacteria to the stomach. In addition, lemon juice also cures constipation and hiccups, is a source of supplements for the liver, helps the liver produce more bile, enhances the digestive process, helps reduce the formation of sputum in the respiratory system. .
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