Treatment For Acid Reflux: How To Get Free Medicine For GERD

Treatment For Acid Reflux: How To Get Free Medicine For GERD

Treatment For Acid Reflux @ Learn How To Get Free Medicine If You Have Acid Reflux Or Heartburn. GERD

Do You Hate Having Acid Reflux & Heart Burn?

What Would Be Worse? Having Heart Burn All Day Or Not Being Able To Afford The Proper Medications To Treat It?

Neither Is A Good Scenario

As Food Passes From Your Throat To Your Stomach, It Has To Go Through Your Esophagus

The Reason You Are Experiencing So Much Pain Is Because The Ring That Closes After The Stomach Takes In Food Leaks

Your Stomach Secretes Very Powerful Acids and Some Of It Gets Back Into The Esophagus And Burns The Lining

What Do People Say About Heart Burn?
“I Really Hate It When Acid Reflux Wakes Me Up In The Morning”
“I Have A Constant Sour Stomach”
“When I Get Nervous Or Anxiety It Gets Worse”
“Life Is Very Painful”

So What Can You Do?
Lose Weight
Stop Smoking
Avoid Aspirin, Advil, Motrin & Naproxen
Stop Drinking Alcohol
See Your Doctor

What Medications Can You Take?
Over The Counter Meds Like Pepcid AC, Zantac & Tagamet
Or Prescription Meds Like Nexium & Prilosec

Even If You Cannot Afford The Doctor Prescribed Medications, Patient Assistance Programs Are Available To Help You Get Free Medicine

Don’t Sit Around Worrying About A Very Painful Condition, Do Something About It

If You Qualify, You Can Get Up To A Year’s Worth Of Free Medication

PAPA Will Provide You With The Patient Assistance Applications You Need To Prevent Further Damage To Your Esophagus

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